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ScanWave: Ref: F05 460

With its wide spectrum from 390 to 510nm and automatic Scan of the wavelengths, covering all the photo-initiators, the ScanWave activates all the photosensitive materials used by the dental market.

Designed in cooperation with dental universities, the ScanWave combines Satelec traditional features such as aluminum casing, laser pointer allowing accurate positioning, as well as the innovative and exceptional ScanWave concept. It enables a perfect curing of dental materials in few seconds. Moreover, this concept avoids any risk of rising the pulp temperature.

The beautiful and ergonomic design enables any handling, pen-style or gun type, and its patent cooling system without fan prevents from biohazard. The back-lit display screen, together with the wide choice of times and menus available, ensure the practitioner precise control of the clinical treatment.

Available as stand-alone and OEM design, it helps the dental unit manufacturer to highlight their products and stand out from the competitor.


  • Restorative materials
  • Bonding Adhesives and cements
  • Glass ionomer
  • Light cured resin dams


Dimensions without optical guide / Weight: 200 g / Dimensions: ∅35 x 210 mm

Operation: Constant service


Classification: Type B / Protection: 5 A T Fu1 fuse (not accessible) 125 V

Protective index: IPX0

Service voltage: 100 V AC to 240 V AC / Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Mains adaptor:

Power voltage: 12 V DC / Output current: 0.8 A / Classification: II

Protective index: IP 41 / Reference: FRIWO FW 7660M/12

Charging Base:


Power voltage: 12 VDC / Protection: 3 A T Fu1 fuse (not accessible) 125 V

Classification: Constant service / Protective index: IPX0


Type: Lithium-Ion / Size: 88 x ∅24 mm / Capacity: 2500 mAh

Optical specifications:

LED for the polymerisation: 4 Wavelength range: 390-510 nm

Central wavelength: 405- 440 - 460 - 480 nm

according to the modes / Intensity: 1500 mW/㎠ +/- 10% (for an active diameter of the fibre of 6.8 mm)

Wavelength: 650 nm / Intensity: < 1 mW / Class: 2M